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Cardiff Council and Planning Aid Wales workshop on Local Development Plan 6pm-8.30pm at Grange Pavilion Thursday 7 September

Want to know how you can influence future development in Cardiff? Cardiff Council and Planning Aid Walesare holding a workshop at the Grange Pavilion 6-8.30pmThurs 7 Sept to explain how you can shape Cardiff's replacement Local Development Plan.


The preferred strategy is available at: other dates / locations are posted on the website.

The event is published by Cardiff Council and Planning Aid Wales as:

Please note this is not a drop in event. This event is a structured workshop, starting at 6pm, with a presentation on the LDP process and the preferred strategy for Cardiff followed by a discussion with attendees on the consultation document. The event will conclude with an explanation of the methods available to submit any representations to the Council.

Have your say on the future of Cardiff!

Cardiff Council is working on a replacement Local Development Plan for the City. This plan will ensure the city can grow sustainably over the next 13 years to 2036.

The Council will be issuing their LDP Preferred Strategy for consultation on 27 July 2023.

This sets out the long-term vision for the city. It identifies which areas within the city will be protected, how much development is needed and where this is likely to be.

The Preferred Strategy contains:

Summaries of issues facing the city and what we would like to do about them.

A summary of how we think the city will grow over the next 13 years and the approach to delivering new and affordable homes and jobs.

A vision for how we will create a healthy, more liveable, sustainable and low carbon city and respond to the climate and nature emergencies.

A set of objectives and targets for what the plan should deliver.

A set of 21 ‘Strategic Planning Policies’ that will help deliver the vision and objectives above.

Planning Aid Wales has been commissioned by Cardiff Council to coordinate community engagement events in relation to their Replacement LDP Preferred Strategy, the consultation period is Thursday 27 July 2023 –5 October 2023.

If you have any queries, please contact

Posted on 29th August 2023

by Mhairi McVicar

Community Voices Cardiff report / Adroddiad Lleisiau Cymunedol Caerdydd

We are so pleased to launch our Community Voices Cardiff report!The report, launching on 26 May 2023 at the Grange Pavilion, is part of the Community Consultation for Quality of Life project running across the UK to test ways of doing consultation differently. After a year of conversations, events, workshops, an ‘urban room’ and an online ‘value’ map of Cardiff, we’re sharing our learnings, reflections and recommendations for the many ways of doing consultation differently.

Join us at our report launch at the Grange Pavilion, Grangetown, Cardiff on Friday 26 May 11am-1pm

Community Voices Cardiff report ENG.pdf

Rydym mor falch o lansio ein hadroddiad Lleisiau Cymunedol Caerdydd!Mae'r adroddiad, a lansiwyd ar 26 Mai 2023 ym Mhafiliwn Grange, yn rhan o'r prosiect Ymgynghori Cymunedol ar gyfer Ansawdd Bywyd sy'n rhedeg ledled y DU i brofi ffyrdd o wneud ymgynghoriad yn wahanol. Ar ôl blwyddyn o sgyrsiau, digwyddiadau, gweithdai, 'ystafell drefol' a map 'gwerth' ar-lein o Gaerdydd, rydym yn rhannu'r hyn rydym wedi'i ddysgu, ein myfyrdodau ac argymhellion ar gyfer y sawl ffordd o gynnal ymgynghoriadau mewn ffyrdd gwahanol.

Community Voices Cardiff report ENG.pdfYmunwch â ni yn lansiad ein hadroddiad ym Mhafiliwn Grange, Grangetown, Caerdydd ddydd Gwener 26 Mai 11am-1pm

Community Voices Cardiff report CYM.pdf

Posted on 25th May 2023

by Mhairi McVicar

Community Voices Cardiff Report Launch / Lansio adroddiad Lleisiau Cymunedol Caerdydd

How can we do community consultation differently?

Join Mhairi, Mymuna and Shoruk on Friday 26 May between 11am-1pm at the Grange Pavilionfor the launch of our Community Voices Cardiff report as part of Community Consultation for Quality of Life (CCQoL) research.

We’ll be reflecting on what we learned from a year of in-person, online, individual and public conversations, events and workshops, and sharing recommendations for inclusive community involvement. Cardiff Council’s Planning Officers will also be available to explore collaborative next steps for community involvement in planning Cardiff’s future.

Vegetarian / Vegan lunch will be provided. To help us plan catering, please register on Eventbrite:

The launch of the Community Voices Cardiff report is supported by Cardiff University.

Sut allwn ni gynnal ymgynghori cymunedol mewn ffordd wahanol?

Ymunwch â Mhairi, Mymuna a Shoruk ddydd Gwener 26 Mai rhwng 11am-1pm ym Pafiliwn Grangear gyfer lansiad ein hadroddiad Lleisiau Cymunedol Caerdydd yn rhan o ymchwil yr Ymgynghori Cymunedol er Ansawdd Bywydau (CCQol).

Byddwn yn myfyrio ar yr hyn a ddysgwyd yn dilyn blwyddyn o sgyrsiau unigol a chyhoeddus, digwyddiadau a gweithdai, a gawsant eu cynnal wyneb yn wyneb ac ar-lein, ac yn rhannu argymhellion ar gyfer cynnwys y gymuned mewn modd cynhwysol.

Bydd Swyddogion Cynllunio Cyngor Caerdydd hefyd ar gael i drafod y camau cydweithio nesaf i gynnwys y gymuned wrth gynllunio dyfodol Caerdydd.

Darperir cinio llysieuol / Figan. I’n helpu ni i gynllunio arlwyo, cofrestrwch ar Eventbrite:

Cefnogir lansiad adroddiad Lleisiau Cymunedol Caerdydd gan Brifysgol Caerdydd.

Posted on 12th May 2023

by Mhairi McVicar

Cardiff Youth Service drop-ins on Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th May, 1pm-4pm

A2poster_Cardif Youth Service (2).pdf

Drop into the Grange Pavilion on Monday 23rd May or Wednesday 25th May, between 1pm-4pm, to meet the Cardiff Youth Services team and find out what they do and how you can help their aims of making a difference in young people's lives.

Posted on 20th May 2022

by Mhairi McVicar

CCHA (Cardiff Community Housing Association) drop in Friday 13 May 10am-1pm


Meet the team from CCHA Cardiff Community Housing Association on Friday 13 May 10am-1pm at Grange Pavilion, Grange Gardens, Cardiff CF11 7LJ, to help CCHA develop services that meet your needs.

Cwrdd â'r tîm o Gymdeithas Tai Cymunedol Caerdydd CCHA ddydd Gwener 13 Mai 10am-1pm ym Pafiliwn Grange, Gerddi Grange, Caerdydd CF11 7LJ, i helpu'r CCHA i ddatblygu gwasanaethau sy'n diwallu eich anghenion.

Posted on 9th May 2022

by Mhairi McVicar

Community Voices Cardiff May 3-28 May, Grange Pavilion (yellow room) Grange Gardens, Cardiff CF11 7LJ/ Lleisiau Cymunedol Caerdydd Mai 3-28 Mai, Pafiliwn Grange (ystafell felen) Gerddi Grange, Caerdydd CF11 7LJ

CommunityVoicesCardiff_ENG & CYM_V1.pdf

Community Voices Cardiff have a month packed full of events and activities, and plenty of days to drop in to meet Mymuna, Shoruk, Ruchit and Mhairi to find out more about Community Consultation for Quality of Life.

Mae gan Lleisiau Cymunedol Caerdydd fis llawn digwyddiadau a gweithgareddau, a digon o ddiwrnodau i alw heibio i gwrdd â Mymuna, Shoruk, Ruchit a Mhairi i ddysgu mwy am Ymgynghoriad Cymunedol ar gyfer Ansawdd Bywyd.

Posted on 29th April 2022

by Mhairi McVicar